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Founded in 1984 and manufacturing since 1986, minority-owned American Marking Corp's products can be found in the yards from just down the street in Omaha, Nebraska, all the way to Kilkenny, Australia. Filling the needs of thousands of customers, American Marking Corp carries products ranging from marking flags and flagging tape to marking paint and barricade tape.

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American Marking Corp heat-welded flags lead the parade in the marking products. These flags are guaranteed not to fade for 60 days in the field and also are guaranteed to be weather resistant; withstanding temperatures from as high as 177° to minus 94° F.

This special heat-welding process requires less plastic to be used around the wire, as the wire is heated and melted directly to the plastic.

There are many other options available in marking flags: plain or custom flags, looped flags, utility flags, standard lawn care or pesticide treated flags and irrigation flags. On the custom flags you have the option to print in one, two or three colors of ink, including a custom ink option to match your exact color needs.

American Marking Corp flags have been used to mark treated lawns, underground utilities, construction sites, golf courses, sprinkler systems and back yard gardens. Customers order from 100 to 1 million flags at a time in standard or custom packaging.


In addition to their high quality marking flags, American Marking Corp offers a full line of standard and custom barricade tape. Standard tapes come in a variety of colors and wording, and these products may be found anywhere from golf courses and construction sites, to marking underground utility locations and crime scenes.

Both standard plastic and detectable barricade tapes are available to fill the needs of customers.

Custom barricade tape allows customers to specify the exact wording or logo and is also available in a variety of widths and colors. Barricade tape is not limited to use above ground and can be buried with utility lines to allow for easier above ground location of these lines at a later time.

While many locating needs can be covered with marking flags and barricade tape, flagging tape is also available in a variety of colors and patterns is sold by the roll, box, or case.


Both water-based and solvent-based paints are available for lawn and golf course marking, as well as parking lot painting. Using paints from American Marking Corp, you can fully stripe a parking lot and later mark underground lines. These paints can also be used to mark boundaries on golf courses, course outlines for volley ball or other sports, as well as hundreds of other uses.


American Marking Corp is a one-stop-shop not limited to marking products. We also offer a wide range of safety equipment and items, as well as promotional products and custom embroidered clothing. Whether you want to mark your lawn or your shirt, American Marking Corp has a product to fit your needs!


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